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Chief Financial Officer, RIZQ Islamic School

“With Swittle as our trusted payment gateway, we have experienced a significant transformation in our business operations. We are able to reduce the hassle and time-consuming process of handling online transactions. Now, with just a few clicks, our customers can easily check out and make payments through a variety of payment options. The convenience and efficiency provided by Swittle have made the payment process faster and easier for both us and our customers.”

Do you face these problems?

Late Bill Issuance

Admins racing against time, payments delayed, and frustrated parents? Say goodbye to chaos! ​
Swittle’s bulk bill creation ensures all bills are ready for a year or more, released hassle-free.

Overdue Payment Hassles

Admins struggling with manual reminders, finance in the dark, and parents missing on payments?

Experience seamless tracking with Swittle’s dashboard, ensuring timely payments and efficient school fund flow.

Complex Event Registrations

Admins overwhelmed, finance unsure of payments, and parents dissatisfied?
Simplify registrations with Swittle’s Invitation Form, generating automatic bills for easy, one-step payments.

Uncertain Fee Payments

Admins manually checking records, finance struggling, and parents frustrated?
With live links and automatic reminders, Swittle ensures transparency and timely payments without the hassle.

Lengthy Reconciliation

Admins uncertain about payments, finance drowning in paperwork, and frustrated parents?
Swittle’s daily auto-reconciliation saves time, accurately matching bank receipts with invoices.

Stay on top of your numbers

  • Any transaction can be detected real time.
  • Automated reconciliation, daily.

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Treasurer, PASTI As-Sobirin Sg. Merab

“Setakat penggunaan kami dan saya pula memang belum pernah ada pengalaman menggunakan platform begini, saya mendapati features Swittle sangat user-friendly. Admin support juga sangat² membantu dan responsif.”

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