Swittle is a progressive FinTech Company that empowers institutions and organisations to optimise & improve their collection, reconciliation, and settlement processes, enabling them to increase their cash position, and extend their runway for business resilience and growth potential.


Swittle is on a mission to help institutions and organisations optimise their collection cycles though enabling their customers to pay more conveniently, and on time.


Trusted, Secured and Reliable

We are an Official Payment Service Agent for AmBank, signifying our authorised role in facilitating financial transactions and services.

We are in partnership with PayNet to deliver a robust and secure online payment system, ensuring your transactions are safe and reliable.

We are the official registration and payment collection platform for Persatuan Sukan, Kebajikan, dan Kebudayaan Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (PERSKEB KL)

Benefits with Swittle

Our comprehensive “Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment” (EBPP) platform is equipped with bank-grade tech, interfaces, and tools, designed to adapt to diverse financial and business models. Our PayNet integration enables us to provide support for all banks, ensuring a seamless experience for our users across various banking institutions.

Real-time transaction recording

Bill due-date and expiry date + reminders

Bill amount + breakdown in any currency

Unlimited presentment fields

Manage and track bill transitions

Create custom bill batches

Run collection drives and stay engaged with prospects

Record external payments and refunds

What you can do

Billing & Presentment

Distribute bills to customers directly, conduct collection campaigns, customise presentment and payment rules.


Maximise payments by accepting multiple payment methods.


Eliminate lengthy and error-prone reconciliations. Handle exceptions like a pro. T+1 settlement any day including weekends and holidays.

Looking for an easy, efficient way to settle your bills?

Save Time

Swittle streamlines payment operations – do more in less time.

Gain Control

Our innovative tools grant customers control over settling their dues by increasing payment options.

Swittle adapts to your needs

SWITTLE Mobile Application


SWITTLE Mobile Application
Billing & Presentment

We are excited to announce that our team has been hard at work developing a mobile application that will bring a whole new level of convenience and accessibility to our users. 


Am I eligible to use Swittle?
For now, Swittle is available for merchants and billers only; if you’re a consumer, please keep an eye out for the Swittle Mobile App. Otherwise, you are an eligible Swittle user if you;
  • Represent a company, organization, institution, or a small business and you are looking to simplify and organize collecting payments and recording bills.
  • Aim to promote specific products or services to attract potential customers.
  • Collect payments for legal services only; Swittle cannot be used for collections on illegal activities as this violates our terms of service. This includes but is not limited to: gambling, narcotics, arms, money laundering, explicit content, etc.
How do I get started with Swittle?

Click on our CTA located across the page i.e. ‘Try Us Out’ – you will be directed to the online demo appointment booking form.

  • Pick an available date and schedule a demo session.
  • Pick a slot and leave your name, email address, organisation name and mobile phone number. 

Stay tuned as we will contact you soonest!

Is there a setup fee?
At the moment Swittle does not charge any setup fees nor subscription fees for your account with any number of businesses under this account. This is subject to change in the future.
What is the pricing model?
  • Swittle charges transaction fees for any payment made to you by your customers. These fees are charged to you, to your customer, or to both, depending on the fee-split setup that you and Swittle mutually agree on. Fees are either fixed amounts per transaction, or a small percentage of the amount paid; this largely depends on the payment method used.
  • Fees can be discounted relative to the number of payment transactions that you expect to receive in a month. We will review your pricing scheme periodically as we monitor the transaction volumes generated in Swittle.
What makes Swittle stand out?
  • Swittle provides multi-lingual bill presentment to all business owners and institutions, regardless of size, industry, or technological capability. Swittle can disseminate bills to customers easily and provide in-depth analytics on payer engagement, making it a valuable tool for businesses of all types and sizes.
  • Swittle users benefit from bank-grade security in terms of reconciliation and settlement, through our advanced technology and partnership with financial institutions.
  • Swittle offers seamless integration through its APIs and interfaces for business owners and institutions with minimal technological capabilities. This integration enables businesses to manage everything from bill creation, dissemination, and payments to reconciliation and settlements through Straight-Through-Processing (STP) and automation.
How secure is it to pay with Swittle?
  • Swittle is built on a bank-grade technology stack; our systems follow industry-standard data and process security measures.
  • Swittle has obtained the necessary licensing for operating an electronic bill payment service in each supported geography.
  • Swittle partners with financial institutions for the authorization of payments from customers’ bank accounts, cards, or wallets. As such, Swittle benefits from the security of the financial institutions it deals with as an underlying layer of protection to safeguard your receivables and ensure that collections are settled accurately and swiftly at the agreed time.


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